Research at the Institute

The Institute's research covers a wide specter of areas within clinical and experimental laboratory research.

Our extensive research activity is reflected in a high number of Ph.D. students graduating from the Institute. Also, the Institute has three Centres of Excellence under the Norwegian Research Council's CoE scheme and five centres financed by the K. G. Jebsen's foundation.

Research organization 

The research at the Institute is organized in research groups. These belong to one or more clinics at the Institute. Our researchers collaborate extensively with researchers in other institutions, nationally and internationally.

Research Infrastructure

Many of the Institute's research groups are dependent on extensive and expensive research infrastructure in the form of advanced scientific equipment. Klinmed has core facilties and other research infrastructure assisting researchers both within and outside the Institute.

Core facilities

A core facility is a specialist laboratory serving researchers from both within and outside its own institution. The facilities are run in cooperation with Oslo University Hospital. Read more about the core facilties at the Faculty's pages.

Other research infrastructure

SERIT - South-Eastern Regional Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research.

Research support

Are you an institute employee wanting help applying for external funding? Or do you need help to find the best support for your research project? We have our own team helping researchers at the institute finding their way in the jungle. Please do contact us on e-mail.


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