Genetic and epigenetic errors in the development of colorectal cancer as the basis for new diagnostics and treatment

All patients with colorectal cancer are included in the prospective registration of clinical and pathological findings at the time of diagnosis, and then followed up with controls for five years. The purpose of this is to develop and validate diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and monitoring biomarkers.

The Group participates in the national program for personalized cancer medicine, and has several innovation projects within biomarkers (total of eight patents filed last few years).

The Group also takes part in the Norwegian centre of excellence, Center for Cancer Biomedicine (CCB), at the University of Oslo.

For more information about research projects see our project page.

In addition, the group was  been appointed as KG Jebsen research centre for colorectal cancer, and as Focused Research area in Oslo University Hospital.


Please refer to the respective projects.

Published Aug. 7, 2014 3:08 PM - Last modified Apr. 22, 2020 10:45 AM