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Digital solutions for genomic medicine

Our group develops novel tools for the effective implementation of genomic technologies into mainstream health care, thereby facilitating precision medicine.

About the group

The group is located at the Department of Medical Genetics, with close proximity to clinical and diagnostic practice. Our innovations are commonly driven by user needs identified in these settings, and involve close collaboration with end users.

Our innovations aim to improve the quality, efficiency and scalability of genomic medicine. Although activities center on digital solutions, our projects are highly interdisciplinary, and commonly involves collaboration with physicians, molecular biologists, legal experts, health economists and industry.

We are a central partner in several large ICT innovation projects, as well as the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics.

Projects and collaborations

Read more about our projects and collaborations at

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Group leader


  • Dag Erik Undlien
  • Magnus Dehli Vigeland
  • Tony Håndstad
  • Morten C. Eike
  • Svein Tore Koksrud Seljebotn
  • Øyvind Evju
  • Sjur Urdson Gjerald
  • Tor Solli-Nowlan
  • Tom Egil Sørlie
  • Ying Sheng
  • Erik Severinsen
  • Eidi Nafstad
  • Xuyang Yuan
  • Yvan Strahm
Detailed list of participants