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Inflammatory biomarkers in cardiovascular and metabolic disease

Our research focuses on measurement and use of inflammatory markers in different populations characterized by low-grade systemic inflammation focusing on cardiovascular disease and risk, neuropsychiatric disorders, and metabolic endocrine disease.

About the group

Many disease states are associated with low-grade chronic inflammation that may result in detectable changes in inflammatory proteins that can be measured in biological fluid such as serum and plasma, making them valuable biomarkers.

Measurement of these biomarkers may be therefore be useful for detecting diseases before they present and/or offer information on the mechanisms of disease, they may represent treatment targets or be helpful in evaluating treatment responses and predicting outcomes.

The group consists of scientist and post-docs and we focus on inflammatory markers in blood in disease where inflammation may contribute to disease progression, and represent interventional targets. The members have different backgrounds including biochemistry and molecular biology, specialized MDs, and epidimiologists.


Long term goals

  • Identify good cardiovascular risk markers who can identify patients with poor prognosis early or catch up with subpopulations that have a particularly good effect on treatment.
  • Understand the inflammatory contribution of psychosis states, do they reflect comorbidity or have a direct role
  • Increase understanding of various fat depoters and skeletal contributions to insulin resistance in pituitary and postpartum pregnancies.


  • Circulating risk markers in different cardiovascular cohort studies (PRAKSIS, CORONA, PLATO, RED-HF, HUNT, Tromsø undersøkelsen
  • The significance of Wnt and Nocth in heart failure and atherosclerosis with focus on soluble Wnt antagonists and Nocth ligands
  • The importance of inflammation of insulin resistance in patients with pituitary disorders
  •  (akromegali, Cushing syndrom)
  • Inflammation and psychiatry, cooperation with TOP / Ullevål.
  • Notch and Wnt development systems in psychosis
  • Metabolic and cardiovascular risk following normal pregnancy (STORK)



  • Clinical immunology and infectious diseases (Fevangs group)
  • Genomics and Metagenomics in Inflammatory Disorders (Hov Group)
  • Immunological and Molecular Mechanisms in Myocardial Remodeling and Heart Failure (Ynestads group)
  • Inflammatory and Molecular Mechanisms in Atherosclerosis and Related Metabolic Disorders (Halvorsens group), Lars Gullestad


  • Psychosis Research Centre Thematically Organized Psychosis Research (TOP) group, John-Bjarne Hanse, UiT/TREC; Jan Kristian Damås NTNU


  • Errol Norwitz Tufts Medical Center; Kennth Caidahl Karolinska Institutt; Lars Wallentin Uppsala Clinical Research Center


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