Public Defence: Ellen Kathrine Munkhaugen

MPed Ellen Kathrine Munkhaugen at Institute of Clinical Medicine will be defending the thesis “School refusal behaviour in students with autism spectrum disorder. An exploratory study of frequency  and associated factors” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor).

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Foto: Jon Ola Skrutvold

Trial Lecture – time and place

See Trial Lecture.

Adjudication committee

  • First opponent: Førsteamanuensis Trude Havik, University of Stavanger
  • Second opponent: Førsteamanuensis Per Normann Andersen, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Third member and chair of the evaluation committee: Professor Emeritus Svein Friis, University of Oslo

Chair of the Defence

Professor Jan Ivar Røssberg, University of Oslo

Principal Supervisor

Adjunct Professor Trond Diseth, University of Oslo


School refusal behaviour (SRB) in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is scarcely studied, although it is known that they could have problems with school attendance.

The overall aim for this PhD- study was to increase the knowledge about SRB in students with ASD. Information from parents and teachers was collected via questionnaires. Frequency, expression and duration of SRB, individual and family characteristics and school factors were explored in students with ASD without intellectual disability, aged 9 – 16 years.

Approximately 50 % of the students displayed SRB. These students had more severe social, executive and emotional problems, and illness in the family was more frequent than in those without SRB. Teachers and parents had different perceptions regarding school-home collaboration, teachers’ competence in ASD, and the frequency of emotional and behavioural problems in the students. The discrepancy increased when the student displayed SRB.

The findings in this study emphasize the importance of awareness of SRB in students with ASD, in order take preventive steps and implement interventions.

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