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Human immune deficiency virus type-1 (HIV) results in a chronic infection, which leads to the development of severe immunodeficiency when untreated.

We investigate the impact of latent, cellular viral reservoirs on immune activation, disease progression and drug resistance development.This will contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of development of resistance to antiretroviral drugs as well as increasing the understanding of pathogenesis.

In addition, elucidating these viral aspects may contribute to the development of an effective HIV vaccine.


Our current specific projects include:

  • Clinical implications of low frequency drug-resistant HIV-1 subpopulations
  • Latent cellular viral reservoirs in chronic HIV-1 infection: Epigenetic regulation and clinical implications
  • HIV-infected patients with immune virological discordance in response to ART: Studies of viral dynamics, immune activation, and microbial translocation
  • Dynamic regulation of the HIV genome and host cell mRNA during HIV infection
Published July 11, 2013 1:39 PM - Last modified Apr. 5, 2017 1:17 PM