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Scholarship Announcement

The application deadline was 5th of February 2021. Stay tuned, soon we will announce more scholarships in sustainable health care education.

Change agents in health wanted

SHE (Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education) announces NOK 200,000 in scholarships to students at the Faculty of Medicine.

This year's corona crisis illustrates the importance of a Centre for Sustainable Health Education. The corona virus has brought about dramatic changes, both in society as a whole and how teaching is conducted. We now invite the students of the faculty to be active participants in this development and to help ensure a sustainable health education


SHE will mobilize students' creative abilities and provide students with an active role in updating sustainability challenges relevant to the faculty's education. In today's situation with the corona pandemic, current issues may be the prioritization of health resources in decision-making, including ethical dilemmas. Other examples of relevant themes may be antibiotic resistance, or how the choices we have in the health sector can have socio-economic impacts. Projects on how climate change, migration, overtreatment and an aging population affect health services will also be highly relevant.

For this spring's announcement, a proportion of the scholarships will be reserved for the 'Make wise decisions' campaign, which works to reduce overdiagnosis and overtreatment in the health service. The campaign is a collaboration between the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian Patient Association. With the campaign, they want to focus on wise choices both health professionals and patients can make to avoid overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Formats and collaboration with a mentor

The projects can result in different formats, for example a podcast, e-learning program, student and lecturer can together create a lecture, peer-to-peer teaching, chronicle or the like. Projects that promote interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of study or are relevant to a large part of the students at the faculty and others in the health education programs will be particularly interesting. Collaboration between teacher(s) and student(s) is also desirable.


Application and deadline

Application processing and commissioning of the projects will take place immediately after the application deadline February 5th, 2021. The projects have to be completed by June 15th 2021. There is no upper limit on the size of the individual grants.

Please register your application here 


For questions, contact:

Trine Kleven (


Centre for Excellence in Education

SHE will, in collaboration with students, renew health education in light of the UN's sustainability goals. These scholarships have been created on the initiative of students, and SHE wants to build on the strong student engagement at the faculty. The goal is to enable future health workers to make holistic decisions that safeguard the resources and needs of the future. The centre is interdisciplinary and part of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo. DIKU gave the centre funding for establishment and operation in December 2019. The activity in the centre is divided into work packages, where these scholarships are a part of a work package that focuses on student involvement.

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