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Facts and figures

Established in 1814, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo is the country's oldest faculty of medicine. The Faculty's teaching and research extends over a large area, from basic biomedical subjects to clinical subjects and health subjects with a clear international profile. The Faculty is highly active in dissemination and innovation activities. 

Key figures for 2015

Scientific publications 1 994
Professional study programmes 1
Master's programmes 9
Bachelor's programmes 1
Registered students 2 203
Candidates on the PhD programme 1 386
Academic work years 679
Technical work years 147
Administrative work years 190
Finances 1,1 mrd
Proportion of the budget funded by external sources 33 %
Active research projects throughout the year with external funding  

Faculty Brochure

Download our faculty brochure (pdf) for a brief presentation and overview of our departments, programmes, and research priorities (pdf).

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