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Facts and Figures NCMM

Key figures 20171

Scientific publications 55
Candidates on the PhD programme2 11
Completed doctorates3 4
Academic full-time equivalents 47,2
Academic employees 62
Technical full-time equivalents 18,7
Technical employees 25
Administrative full-time equivalents 8,5
Administrative employees 9
Finances – total income 114 Mill.
Proportion of the budget funded by external sources 36 %
Active research projects throughout the year with external funding 39

1 These are the combined figures from the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM). The figures for NCMM as part of the Faculty of Medicine can be found on the Faculty's overview.

The number of candidates as per autumn 2017 was reported to the Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH) on 15 October 2018. Five candidates at the Faculty of Medicine, and six candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

3 Three doctorates are completed at the Faculty of Medicine, and one at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.



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