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The overall aim of the research at NORMENT is to understand the underlying mechanisms of severe mental disorders and find answers to why some people develop perceptual disturbances, delusions, depressions, or manic phases.

Research topics

Antipsychotic medication

Define new targets to optimize the ratio of beneficial vs. adverse effects of antipsychotics

Brain imaging

Determine new brain imaging phenotypes linking genes and core clinical characteristics

Outcome predictors

Use genetic and environmental factors to predict disease progress and outcome


Identify genetic factors involved in severe mental illnesses

Research groups

NORMENT has organized its research into groups with complementary expertise.
Each research group is headed by one of NORMENT’s eight Core Researchers.

Clinical psychosis research

Professor Ingrid Melle


Professor Kjetil Sundet

Brain imaging

Professor Kenneth Hugdahl

Structural MRI

Professor Ingrid Agartz

Translational psychiatry

Professor Ole A. Andreassen

Basic and clinical psychopharmacology

Professor Vidar Steen

Epigenetics and functional genomics

Professor Stephanie Le Hellard

Psychiatric molecular genetics

Professor Srdjan Djurovic

Research collaboration

Researchers at NORMENT have a close collaboration both within the centre and with national and international reseachers.