CanCell Equality Forum

Image: CanCell Equality Forum

CanCell Equality forum was established in 2019. Foto: Øystein Horgmo


CanCell Equality Forum is focusing on multilateralism and integration. Our aim is to promote gender equality, minorities and youth leadership in CanCell and academia to achieve transformative change.

With a questionnaire we aim to set the groundwork towards the identification of any potential inequalities that CanCell will work to resolve. We also probe workload and effects of the COVID-19 on well-being and productivity of CanCell members. To secure the complete anonymity and personal data confidentiality, the questionnaire is anonymous and the results will be analysed by an independent University service.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact CanCells Equality Forum, Anders Øverbye or use UiOs Speak Up.

If you are an employee at Oslo University Hospital you can use Varslingstenesten and read more on poster varslingsplakaten/ whistleblowing (ENG).