First visit of user representatives to the Enserink group at CanCell

From left: Researcher Helene Knævelsrud, user representative Trine Nyborg, user representative Ninja Ulvestad Pettersen, group leader Jorrit Enserink, head physician Yngvar Fløisand, postdoc Pilar Ayuda-Duran and user representative Lill Eikestad.

The Enserink group at Cancell arranged a first meeting with three user representatives for our leukemia research on January 12th 2018. This half-day meeting included presentations of and discussions around some of our current leukemia research projects. We also enjoyed a nice lunch together and had time for a visit to the laboratory, including the fruit fly facilities and the cell lab.

A meaningful highlight of this first meeting was that user representatives shared their experience of getting diagnosed with leukemia, undergoing treatment and dealing with undesirable side-effects and relapse. Hearing these stories was both moving and inspiring for us to continue our research at CanCell to provide better treatment options for leukemia in the future.

Published Feb. 1, 2018 2:28 PM - Last modified Feb. 1, 2018 2:28 PM