Rusten group research project on cell organisation and tumor growth presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society

From left: Viola Hélène Lobert, Fergal O'Farrell, Tor Erik Rusten | Photo: Per Marius Didriksen

The research of Tor Erik Rusten, PI in CanCell, and his coworkers in the Tumor-Host Biology research group at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research has recently been presented in an article (in Norwegian) entitled "Double agent in the body's cells makes tumors grow". Here it is explained how tumor cells lose orientation and grow uncontrollably when the "double agent" protein LKB1 leads the cells in the wrong direction under certain conditions.

From the home page of the Norwegian Cancer Society:
"Dobbeltagent i kroppens celler får svulster til å vokse
by Håkon Sandland published January 9th, 2018

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