Invacell: Stenmark and Chavrier labs received grant to collaborate on cancer invasion and metastases research

Harald Stenmark and his colleagues have received a joint grant with French researchers from the group of Philippe Chavrier at the Institut Curie in Paris. The funds were donated by Trond S. Paulsen and allocated by 'Radiumhospitalets Legates' to combat cancer cell invasiveness through the project Invacell.

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Associate group leader Camilla Raiborg at the microscope (Photo: Ketil Jordan). 

The project is a basic research work that facilitates the development of drugs in the long term that can prevent the spread of metastases. The research will run over four years and contribute to strengthening the long-term cooperation between Norway and France. The project has been created simultaneously with a newly established framework agreement for cancer research between Norway, the Institut Curie and other French institutions. Former Director of Radiumhospitalet and current Director at Radiumhospitalets Legater, Jan Vincent Johannessen, has been instrumental for the success of the research agreement.

The discovery of protrudin as a key protein in invadopodia (among the effectuators of cancer metastases) by Camilla Raiborg and the Stenmark team was a crucial contribution to the foundation of the collaboration and was published in Nature in 2015. 

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Published June 5, 2019 10:06 AM - Last modified Aug. 5, 2019 9:08 AM