CanCell researchers Ricci and Viola discuss developmental biology in video preview

Master student Riccarda Schimanski and her supervisor Viola Lobert from CanCell and Rusten Lab show us the place where the secrets of cancer are exposed in a video preview from their research lab.

This is the place where it all happens. In the research lab. Among cell lines that are immortalized and live whole their lives in petri dishes and among reagent tubes with coloured compounds that make it possible for scientists to unravel the deepest secrets of cancer. And most importantly to discover the Achilles heels of cancer so that we can hit it with effective medicines. Now petri dishes with immortal cancer cells are not the only thing in a lab that makes great breakthroughs in the cancer research field possible. But did you know that fruit flies, zebrafishes and nematodes are all very important contributors to this research? Maybe you are sitting at a home office eager to get back to the lab and can’t wait until the time when this pandemic is mitigated. Then I got just what you need, a guided tour around one of the labs that is used by the researchers at CanCell.

Riccarda (Ricci) Schimanski is a Master student in Rusten lab at CanCell and Institute for Cancer Research.
Viola Lobert, researcher in the Rusten lab supervises Ricci She also lectures at IBV, UiO.

We are lucky enough to get our own guided tour by CanCell researcher Viola Lobert and her master’s student Riccarda Schimanski around the lab in this video by the Department of Biosciences (IBV), UiO. The video is part of a series about the courses taught at IBV.

How do we become who we are? This question asked by Riccarda touches upon the very fundaments of developmental biology and here they explain us why developmental biology an important part of science and cancer research is. But we also get to see why they both enjoy working in science and a great bonus is that we see stunning photographs which shows the truly beautiful side of science.  If you are sitting on the fence wondering whether you should choose a career in science this would be a great chance to get insight into the day of a scientist.

Image capture from the video. Courtesy: LINK/IBV, UiO

See the video here today!

And if you after seeing this video are still itching to get back to the lab, fly into this virtual tour of the fly lab.


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