CanCell Phd Student Kia Wee Tan earns 'First person' interview in JCS with his publication

Kia Wee Tan was interviewed in Journal of Cell Science in relation with his recent publication on JIP4s role in macropinocytosis. We are impressed by Kia Wee earning the spotlight with both his article and interview, and extends our congratulations on his merits.  


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Kia Wee Tan is a PhD student in Harald Stenmark's group.

In this 'First Person' interview, aimed at promoting first authors in early phases of their careers, Kia Wee Tan explains the rationale behind his discoveries, his challenges with the projects and what motivates him to do science. Kia Wee, a Singaporean national, will defend his thesis this fall, and continue his career abroad. 

The article describes interactions between JIP4 (SPAG9) and Phafin2 (PLEKHF2), a known PIP-binding protein, and this mechanisms promotes recycling of macropinosomes. The article was co-authored by fellow CanCell and group members Viola Nähse, Andreas Brech, Kay O. Schink and Harald Stenmark, and collaboration with Coen Campsteijn (IMB-UIO). 

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JIP4 (green) and actin (purple) interacting during 'cell drinking' (pinocytosis) (C) Journal of Cell Science 2021

Full article: 


Another, former CanCell member, Anthony Ravussin, was interviewed by JCS earlier this year


Published Aug. 26, 2021 7:02 PM - Last modified Aug. 27, 2021 7:05 AM