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The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is the Faculty of Medicine's highest decision-making body. The Board is responsible for setting general goals, priorities and strategies for the Faculty's activities.

The Board exercises its obligations based on decisions by the University Board, and in accordance with the current Acts, regulations and rules. The Faculty Board's rules of procedure also regulate the work of the Board.

All Faculty Board meetings are normally open. The Board can hold closed sessions on certain issues with only the members and secretary of the Board present. The Dean heads the Board and prepares issues for review. The Faculty Director is the Board's secretary.

Issues handled by the Board

  • Annual plan and budget. The approval of these is one of the Board's instruments for following up the Faculty's activities.
  • General plans, principles and priorities for the Faculty's activities, as set out in long-term plans (such as strategic plan) and academic priorities in research and teaching.

The composition of the Board

The Faculty Board has 9 members. The Board consists of academic and administrative employees, students and external members.

The Faculty's employees elect their representatives every four years within the groups of permanent academic staff and technical and administrative staff. Student representatives are elected each year. External representatives are appointed every four years by the University Board, following a proposal by the Faculty Board.

Composition as of 01.01.2020:

Chairman of the Board - Dean

Pro-Dean for Medical Studies

Academic staff

Temporary academic staff / adjunct professors

Technical and administrative staff

External representatives

  • Camilla Stoltenberg
  • Jon Lomøy
  • Deputy 1: Anna Stavdal
  • Deputy 2: Kari Jussie Lønning

Student representatives

  • Hannah Narum-Hanssen
  • Amanda Rose Magnum
  • Vara: Karsten Kluge

Board secretary and Faculty Director

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