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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Cecilie Petterson Oksvold Oksvold, Cecilie Petterson Head Engineer +47 22851408 +47 45477093 Laboratory work, Cell culture, Histology, Microscopy, Training, Purchaser, Invoices
Picture of Thomas Olafsen Olafsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47 22850132 Communication, Events, Internal communication, Research communication, Web publishing
Picture of Maren Retterstøl Olaisen Olaisen, Maren Retterstøl Adviser +47 22850545
Picture of Ann Oldervoll Oldervoll, Ann Senior Executive Officer Research administration
Picture of Maria Olofsson Olofsson, Maria Section Manager +47 22850689 +47 41301586 +47 4130 1586 Management, Regulations, External funding, Research politics, Research administration, Research support
Picture of Rita Iren Olsen Olsen, Rita Iren Senior Adviser +47 22851419 Student and Academic Administration, Examination
Ones, Bjørnar Storeng Adviser
Picture of Berit Lund Opheim Opheim, Berit Lund Administrative Manager
Picture of Katrine Ore Ore, Katrine Senior Adviser +47 22845517 Quality assurance system for health and medical research, Research ethics
Orre, Tonje Higher Executive Officer +47 22851175 Administrasjon, Purchasing
Picture of Dawn Judith Patrick-Brown Patrick-Brown, Dawn Judith Principal Engineer
Patriksson, Alexandra Senior Adviser +47 22845313
Picture of Turid Margrethe Pedersen Pedersen, Turid Margrethe Senior Engineer
Picture of Thanh Thai Pham Pham, Thanh Thai Principal Engineer +47 22851303
Picture of Ann Phung Phung, Ann
Picture of Danh Thanh Phung Phung, Danh Thanh Senior Engineer
Picture of Silje Iren Pileberg Pileberg, Silje Iren Adviser +47 45427859
Picture of Hong Qu Qu, Hong Head Engineer +47 22851266
Picture of Solmaz Rahnamaei Sadigh Azar Rahnamaei Sadigh Azar, Solmaz Higher Executive Officer
Ramsfjell, Veslemøy Senior Adviser +47 47293642 + 47 472 93 642 Research support, Research administration, External funding, EU funding, EU, Web publishing
Picture of Toril Ranneberg Nilsen Ranneberg Nilsen, Toril Senior Engineer
Picture of Merita Emini Raza Raza, Merita Emini Senior Executive Officer +47 22850611 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Knut Arvid Sørensen Rekdahl Rekdahl, Knut Arvid Sørensen Senior Engineer +47 22851129 +47 98644331 Purchasing, Purchaser
Picture of Sindre Rian Rian, Sindre Senior Engineer +47 22845822 Local IT support, mobile, User administration, Applications, computer
Picture of Nina Richartz Richartz, Nina Researcher