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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mads Peter Granberg Granberg, Mads Peter Head Engineer +47 22851105
Picture of Silje Brekken Grepperud Grepperud, Silje Brekken Adviser +47 22859219
Picture of Tiril Grimeland Grimeland, Tiril Adviser +47 22845846 +47 45845188 Examination, Student administration, Practice
Picture of Julianne Sørflaten Grovehagen Grovehagen, Julianne Sørflaten Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Diliana Antonova Grozdeva Grozdeva, Diliana Antonova Senior Executive Officer +47 22851139
Picture of Kirsten Grundt Grundt, Kirsten Senior Engineer +47 22851096 +47 40203518
Picture of Iwona Gutowska-Schiander Gutowska-Schiander, Iwona Senior Engineer +47 22840211
Picture of Rasma Gutsmite Gutsmite, Rasma Principal Engineer, Structural Biology Team +47 22840559
Picture of Jan Borge Guttulsrud Guttulsrud, Jan Borge Senior Engineer +47 22857867 Digital learning resources, E-learning
Picture of Tolesa Tilahun Hafte Hafte, Tolesa Tilahun Adviser +47 22851439 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Egil Haga Haga, Egil Senior Adviser
Picture of Kjersti Thorvaldsen Hagen Hagen, Kjersti Thorvaldsen Head Engineer 98611675
Picture of Agnete Hager Hager, Agnete Administrative Manager +47 23070871 +47 92850252
Picture of Bashir Ahmad Hakim Hakim, Bashir Ahmad Senior Engineer +47 22851284 +47 91854716
Picture of Trude Irene Hamnes Hamnes, Trude Irene Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Nisha Haroon Haroon, Nisha Executive Officer +47-22845040 (09.00–10.30) PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Petra Susanne Hedberg Hedberg, Petra Susanne Senior Executive Officer 952 93 317
Picture of Christina Bergstad Heesch Heesch, Christina Bergstad Senior Adviser +47 22851140 +47 92456870
Picture of Karen-Marie Heintz Heintz, Karen-Marie HSE Coordinator +47 22840549 HES, LAMU, EcoOnline
Picture of Tor Johannes Helleland Helleland, Tor Johannes Executive Officer
Picture of Marit Synnøve Hellum Hellum, Marit Synnøve Senior Engineer
Picture of Hege Berg Henriksen Henriksen, Hege Berg Researcher +47 22851520
Picture of Hilde Henriksen Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47 22858371 +47 95862794 Research administration, Web publishing, External funding
Picture of Marie Leangen Herigstad Herigstad, Marie Leangen Principal Engineer
Picture of Åsne Rambøl Hillestad Hillestad, Åsne Rambøl Head Engineer