We are well equipped for zebrafish housing and research.

Photo of zebrafish

Photo: Bjørn Langsem/DAGBLADET

Housing systems

We have an aquatic housing system from Tecniplast.

We have tanks for keeping zebrafish, and separate tanks for generating/regenerating fish lines. The supplied water is treated in an RO installation with automatic adjustments of pH and conductivity. We have tanks for breeding, three iSPAWN for large scale production of synchronized eggs, nets, etc.

Equipment for analyses


We have an automatic microinjector from Life Science Methods B.V, that can inject 2500 egg per hour, facilitating high-throughput procedures.

We also have a station for manual microinjection with med FemtoJet 4x (Eppendorf) microinjector, Stemi 508 stereomicroscope (ZEISS) og M33 Micromanipulator (Märzhäuser Wetzlar).

P-1000 pipette puller from Sutter.

Behavioral tracking and chemical screening

The ZebraLab automatic observation and video tracking solution (ViewPoint) is a system for high-thoughput tracking and behavioral analysis of zebrafish larvae. Experiments can be perfomed in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96-well plates in the associated ZebraBox.

The instrument controls temperature. It can also provide light and sound stimuli, facilitating different of high-throughput experiment setups.

Larvae manipulation and imaging

We have a Vertebrate Automatic Screening Technology (VAST), connected to a Leica DM6 B med 5x, 10x water immersion, and 20 x water immersion objectives and fluorescence filters (GFP ET/ DsRed/ TXR ET). For automatic manipulation of larvae, we have the VAST BioImagerTM Platform.

The system facilitates 360° manipulation of zebrafish larvae from day 2-7 after fertilization, positioning, and preferred imaging using a VAST kamera (complete organism) or a camera on a Leica microscope (Leica DFC3000 G) for higher resolution or fluorescense imaging.


The facility has bought an EEG-rig for brain wave measurements and calcium imaging.
The rig consists of a SliceScope upright microscope (Scientifica) with 10x, 20x og 40x objectives, a motorized movable base plate, fluorescence filters (ET-GFP/mCherry/ET-YFP/ET-DSRed), and an ORCA FLASH 4.0v2 camera.
We have a manual manipulator with four linear and three rotational axes of movement. It makes repeatable stops for easy pipette change, and quick positioning for use with stimulation electrodes, measurements etc. The rig has a Multiclamp 700B microelectrode amplifiser, DigiData 1550 digitizer, Iso-Stimulator, and pCLAMP 10 Software.
The equipment is on an anti vibration table with compressor, and inside a faraday cage. Perfusion using a peristaltic pump is possible.

Other equipment

Information about other equipment will be published shortly.
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