Services and prices

We offer access to fish housing, breeding and use of several instruments specific for research on zebrafish.

Foto: Terje Heiestad, Millimeter Press

Availability of all equipment use and services is dependent on capacity. Prices may be subject to adjustments annually or to prevent the core facility to suffer from economic losses. All researchers are to use their own consumables such as pipette tips, disposable pipettes, petridishes, dissection supplies, chemicals etc.

All prices are excluding MVA.

Housing of fish

Prices for Housing of fish

External users

UiO users

Housing of fish pr. 3,5 L tank pr. day (max. 18 fish):

kr. 19

kr. 17

Housing of fish pr. 8 L tank pr. day (max. 40 fish):

kr. 43

kr. 38

Service and Equipment included:

  • Daily care and observation of the fish
  • Water preparation and usage
  • Feeding and feed
  • Disease monitoring
  • The use of equipment for mating fish
  • Cleaning of housing tanks
  • Maintenance of water quality
  • General maintenance of the facility
  • Monthly visits from the facility’s veterinarian
  • Water analysis (colorimetric and bacteriological)
  • Administration


Prices includes freezer/incubator space      
  Ext. UiO Comment
Manual Microinjection Station  71 55 Pr. 0.5 hr
Automatic Microinjection station 253 225 Pr. hr.
EEG 193 175 Pr. hr.
ViewPoint Tracker 49 45 Pr. hr.
ViewPoint PPI 82 72 Pr. hr.
VAST 223 211 Pr. hr.
Fluorescence stereo microscope 82 72 Pr. hr.
Technician pr. hr. (social cost incl.) 452 452 Pr. hr.
Invoice fee (1 hr. technician time) 452 452 1 hr. technician time

Additional prices

Additional prices

GEMMA Micro 75, 150 and 300 pr. ca. 30 g (1 x 50 mL tube): kr. 38

SDS 100 ca. 0,65 g (1 x 1,5 mL microtube): kr. 5

Services offered:

  • Help with larvae raising
  • Training in facility/equipment use
  • Set up of mating
  • Egg collection/cleaning/sorting
  • Other needs may be discussed upon request
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