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Zebrafish Core Facility

We offer access to fish housing, breeding and use of several instruments specific for research on zebrafish.

Photo of zebrafish

Photo: Thierry Marysael


We have tanks for keeping zebrafish, and separate tanks for generating/regenerating fish lines. We also have tanks for breeding, three iSPAWN for large scale production of synchronized eggs, nets, etc.

Our facility also has equipment for 

  • Microinjection
  • Behavioral tracking and chemical screening:
  • Larvae manipulation and imaging
  • EEG

Our personnel has experience within aqua culture, fish health, screening and characterization of new lines, GMO, 360° live-imaging of larvae, chemical screening, behavioural tracking, and microinjection (automatic/manual).

Users can come to us to do their research, or they can buy services and analyses from us.

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