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Student Democracy at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine's Student Committee (MSU) is the executive decision-making student committee at the Faculty of Medicine.

Students' influence at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty Board is the executive board at the Faculty. MSU has 2 representatives on the Faculty Board who promote students' interests. Students are also represented on other decision-making bodies at the Faculty, like the Appointments Committee for Academic Posts. 

Programmes and subjects

The departments have a similar structure, with a Department Board with student representatives from the students' Department Committee, and on the programmes, with programme advisers and the students' Programme Committee.

The subjects have an informal level of influence, popularly called tuition departments. Several subjects also have subject committees which promote the interests of students in the tuition departments.

Who is responsible?

The student committees are responsible for finding and electing student representatives to the boards. When they have been enrolled, the students will receive meeting notifications and case documents for the meetings they are to attend.

Student democracy on the university level

The executive board of the University of Oslo is the University Board. The executive board of students at the University of Oslo is the Student Parliament. Its responsibility is to develop a long-term and unified policy, to address important specific issues, and to promote them to the University Board, the Ministry, the Norwegian Student Union (NSU), and other relevant bodies.

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