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Leirbakk, Maria Jensberg
Picture of Kristi Brinkmann Lenander Lenander, Kristi Brinkmann Higher Executive Officer +47-22844611 Management support
Picture of Anners Lerdal Lerdal, Anners Professor II +47-95033144 Russia
Picture of Anne Helene Kveim Lie Lie, Anne Helene Kveim Associate Professor +47-22850607 +47 45471011
Picture of Ida Lillehagen Lillehagen, Ida Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845350
Picture of Lillian Lillemoen Lillemoen, Lillian Researcher +47-22844620
Picture of Kristine Lillestøl Lillestøl, Kristine
Picture of Morten Lindbæk Lindbæk, Morten Professor +47-22850646
Picture of Benedikte Victoria Lindskog Lindskog, Benedikte Victoria Associate Professor +47-22850596 Global South
Picture of Kari Lislerud Smebye Lislerud Smebye, Kari PhD-student
Picture of Nicoline Lokdam Lokdam, Nicoline Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Steinar Lund Lund, Steinar Executive Officer +47-22850622 Invoices, Administration, Voucher
Picture of Lene Lunde Lunde, Lene Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Magnus Løberg Løberg, Magnus Associate Professor Nordic, USA
Picture of Lill Kathrine Løvendahl Løvendahl, Lill Kathrine Student Adviser +47-22845392 Student guidance, Examination, Student and Academic Administration, Admissions, Courses
Picture of Line Løw Løw, Line Adviser +47-22850625 Project management, Research Schools, Global Health, Administration
Picture of Ahmed Ali Madar Madar, Ahmed Ali Researcher +47-22850634 +47-99486552 Global South
Picture of Morten Magelssen Magelssen, Morten Researcher +47-22844649 +47-48223580
Picture of Per Magnus Magnus, Per Professor II +47 21 07 82 11 +47 92 68 31 19
Magnusson, Ola Anders Student Adviser +47-22845046 Admissions, Courses, International Cooperation, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Administration, Student guidance, Joint Degree, Exchange
Picture of Vivian N. Mbanya Mbanya, Vivian N. Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844668
Picture of Christina Brux Mburu Mburu, Christina Brux Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850613 Global South
Picture of Ibrahimu Mdala Mdala, Ibrahimu Researcher +47-22850658
Picture of Hans Olav Melberg Melberg, Hans Olav Associate Professor +47-22845031 Health economics, Statistical method, Economic evaluation, USA, Nordic, Cost-benefit analysis, International comparison
Picture of Anne Marit Mengshoel Mengshoel, Anne Marit Professor +47-22845375