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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kåre Moen Moen, Kåre Associate Professor +47 22850599 Global South
Picture of Tron Anders Moger Moger, Tron Anders Professor +47 22844618
Picture of Cathrine Helene Mohn Mohn, Cathrine Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99505002
Picture of Albert Christiaan Molewijk Molewijk, Albert Christiaan Researcher +47 22850558
Picture of Ragnhild Elisabeth Monsen Monsen, Ragnhild Elisabeth Palliative care, Oral health and cancer, Randomized clinical trials, Oral fungal infection and advanced cancer
Picture of Yuichi Mori Mori, Yuichi Researcher +47 40894135 +47 40894135 gastroenterology, research, colon cancer, AI
Picture of Jacinta Victoria Syombua Muinde Muinde, Jacinta Victoria Syombua Researcher +47 22850522 +47 97354171
Picture of Birgitte Lawaetz Myhrvold Myhrvold, Birgitte Lawaetz Researcher +47 22845009
Myklestul, Hans-Christian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Daniel Münster Münster, Daniel Associate Professor Medical Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Food and Agriculture, Health and/as Ecology, Science and Technology Studies, Historical anthropology, Toxicity, Drugs and Drug Use, Postcolonial Studies, South Asia, India, Kerala, suicide and suicidal behaviour, Mental health, chemical ethnography, alternative agriculture
Picture of Ester Mæland Mæland, Ester Adviser +47 22850594 + 47 99012301 Research administration, Research support, Research administration, Research support MED, FANE-HELSAM, Cristin, Mobility, NORPART
Møkleby, Vegard Frøystadvåg Senior Executive Officer +47 22856335 +47 93031648
Picture of Anne Britt Mølsæter Mølsæter, Anne Britt Adviser 99460634
Picture of Per Nafstad Nafstad, Per +47 22850621 Global South
Picture of Bård Natvig Natvig, Bård Professor +47 22850608 Social security medicine, Health education, Musculo-skeletal system, Epidemiology
Nes, Caroline Marianne Nielsen Adviser
Picture of Birthe Neset Neset, Birthe Senior Executive Officer +47 22850563 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Anne-Gunn Thyrum Nilsen Nilsen, Anne-Gunn Thyrum Section Manager +47 22845044 Management, Administrative management, Education
Picture of Halvor Nordby Nordby, Halvor Associate Professor
Normann, Cathrine Olaussen Doctoral Research Fellow
Nortvedt, Helene Alice Vestad Higher Executive Officer Facilitation, Research support, Events, Administration
Picture of Per Nortvedt Nortvedt, Per +47 22844646 Selected publications
Picture of Magne Nylenna Nylenna, Magne
Picture of Gro Næss Næss, Gro
Picture of Øyvind Erik Næss Næss, Øyvind Erik Professor +47 22850663