Global Health in Action

As a networking hub, the Centre for Global Health (CGH) features global health research and capacity development activities. The CGH platform presents cross-sectorial, multi- and interdisciplinary global health research aimed at inspiring new partnerships and research.

CGH highlights academic global health related collaborations across the University of Oslo (UiO), as well as the Oslo University Hospital (OUS), including national and international partners. The CGH does research dissemination more than actual research, and capacity development and training more than formal education. The CGH links global health engaged environments inside and outside of academia, contributing to the UiO 2030 strategy

Crosscutting Themes in Global Health

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals warrants multidisciplinary collaboration across crosscutting themes. The CGH has invited established and internationally recognized UiO professors to expand their main fields of expertise into the arena of global health. The CGH offers an expanded platform to advance transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary networks, projects, publications, dissemination and other activities with a specialized focus and a global health dimension.

Special Focus Areas

At any given time, the CGH will identify special focus areas to capitalize on the skills and competencies of individual staff or affiliates. The selected Special Focus Areas may vary from year to year and will follow the ambitions of the CGH. Currently, the CGH has chosen to link a Special Focus Area to the Managing Director, the Deputy Directors and to one UiO faculty member. 

Other Special Focus Areas will be posted soon.

Global Health Topics

Global Health Topics coalesce different UiO faculties generating global health related knowledge and research. Each Global Health Topic is a window of display for global health research and activities at UiO and OUS. UiO and OUS affiliated researchers with an active webpage, including PhD students, are welcome to participate by linking their profile to one or more of the Global Health Topics. This is a useful tool to identify ongoing activities, potential partners, and for students, a future mentor or advisor at UiO. 

Lancet One Health Commission

The ambition of The Lancet One Health Commission is to offer a recalibrated understanding of the ways in which contemporary global health challenges are implicated within the complex interconnectedness of humans, animals, and our shared environment, and to provide an approach for harnessing this knowledge to ensure a sustainably healthy future.


This project development support has been created to assist research groups in advancing their global health agenda. The overall aim is to lift already strong research groups at the Faculty of Medicine and encourage their success in obtaining external funding for reaching the status of research and innovation excellence.