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The national chapter part of the global movement Women in Global Health (WGH) is a platform to connect, further strengthen and advocate for gender equality in global health within academia, public and private sectors.

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5 Facts about gender equality in Norway

2021 WGH Norway webinars and interviews

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Addressing Career Development for Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Norway



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Gender Equality in Academia – Links to Sustainable Medical Research & Education



All previous webinars and interviews including the Afternoon Tea Conversations and the COVID 50/50 Taskforce Q&A series can be viewed here.

WGH News and 2021 Campaigns

2021 is our opportunity to rethink and rebuild global health on a stronger, gender-equal foundation and ensure that the women who deliver health and social care lead the systems they know best. Read more about the 10 issues WGH will be watching in 2021!

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WGH Norway is hosted and supported by the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo.


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