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Facts and Figures

Key figures 2021

Scientific publications 1777
Professional study 1
Master’s programmes
Bachelor’s programmes
Registered students 7551
Candidates on the PhD programme2 9452
Completed doctorates 125
Academic full-time equivalents 370
Academic employees 681
Technical full-time equivalents 77
Technical employees 103
Administrative full-time equivalents 81
Administrative employees 91
Finances – total income 558 million
Proportion of the budget funded by external sources 48 %
Active research projects throughout the year with external funding3 356

Of these, 755 are on the professional study programme in medicine, distributed on Klinmed according to the proportion of the teaching of the faculty's 1360 students (the number is rounded off to the nearest 5) on the professional program in medicine that the department's employees carry out.

2 The number of candidates as per spring 2021 was reported to the Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH) on 15 February 2022.

3 This number is from 2020

Sources of the official facts and figures about the Institute

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