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Department of Ophthalmology (ØYE)

Department of Ophthalmology is a large ophthalmology department, even in a European context. The department has special competence within all major areas of ophthalmology.

The department has three national functions, one multiregional and several regional functions. More than 70 doctors treat patients with various eye diseases. Most surgeries are day surgeries, and there is a total of 10 operating rooms, 3 clean rooms for smaller intravitreal procedures and also a post operative care unit. The ward has 19 beds.

The main objective for research at the department is to improve prevention and treatment of eye diseases. We have a particular focus on clinical research, with a large patient basis and highly specialized competence, as well as translational research. We also have a specialized unit for laboratory and translational research in close proximity to the clinic at Center for Eye Research.



Postal address Postboks 4956 Nydalen OUS, Ullevål 0424 Oslo Visiting address Kirkeveien 166 OUS Ullevål 0450 Oslo