Management at the Institute

The Institute's management consists of Head of Institute, two Deputy Heads and Head of Administration. Head of Institute is elected for four years, and appoints his/her own Deputy Heads.

Head of the Institute

Dag Kvale has the overall responsibility for the academic activities at the institute. Head of the Institute reports to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Deputy Heads

Shuo-Wang Qiao is a substitute and deputy head for the part of the activities that take place at Oslo University Hospital.

Torbjørn Omland is deputy head and has the day-to-day responsibility for the Institute's activities at Akershus University Hospital.

Head of Administration

Head of Administration Astrid Aksnessæther reports to Head of the Institute. Head of Administration manages the secretariat at the Institute of Clinical Medicine and has the responsibility for the administrative functions and resources at the Institute.


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