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CoMorMent is going to investigate the relationship between mental disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

About the project

CoMorMent (Investigating comorbid mental ill-health and cardiovascular disease) is a EU Horizon 2020 project gathering 9 partner institutions aiming to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with mental disorders.


To investigate the relationship between mental disorders and cardiovascular diseases and to find new methods to reduce the risk of developing multiple diseases at the same time.


Mental illnesses reduce life quality. In addition they make you more vulnerable for cardiovascular diseases. Comorbidity, having multiple diseases at the same time, is extremely difficult for both patients and their families, and causes great challenges and financial strain on the society. But how is this all connected? And why do some patients develop both diseases at the same time?

In the EU-project CoMorMent researchers want to investigate the underlying mechanisms that are causing this high comorbidity, and separate the genetic factors, environmental factors and look at their relationship to life style.


The CoMorMent project will go over four years and have a total budget of close to 60 million NOK. The project is financed through the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme.


The project group consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts within cardiology and psychiatry, genetic epidemiology, molecular genetics, neuroscience and statisticians.

The project consists of the following partners:

  • University of Oslo
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
  • University of Iceland
  • Region Hovedstanden, Denmark,
  • Amra Medical, Swede
  • DeCode Genetics, Iceland
  • Multimodal Imaging Services Corporation, USA.

It is extremely difficult to get through the needle eye that is the EUs Horizon 2020-program. A project of this size gives a lot of prestige. This is the first time Klinmed is coordinating a project within EU’s current program for research and innovation.

More on CoMorMent

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