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Circulating tumour DNA

DNA fragments from cancer cells can be found in peripheral blood from many cancer patients, and this has been called circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). The level of ctDNA in blood samples has been shown to reflect disease stage and characteristics.

We have developed highly sensitive methods for detection of ctDNA, which we will pursue in the present study.

We will further investigate the utility of ctDNA detection in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, particularly the potential to monitor treatment effect from chemotherapy.

In collaboration with other research groups we will also investigate whether ctDNA detection can provide similar information in a trial of sonoporation-enhanced chemotherapy.

Finally, we will assess the prognostic information of ctDNA detection in patients with early-stage pancreatic cancer.


  • Odd Helge Gilje, UiB
  • Anders Molven (work package «Animal models»), UiB
  • Elin Kure (work package «Molecular characterization of tumour tissue and liquid biopsies”), OUH
  • Bjørnar Gilje, SUS
Published Mar. 1, 2021 3:55 PM - Last modified Mar. 1, 2021 3:55 PM