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Molecular characterization of tumour tissue and liquid biopsies

Since protein expression is more directly representative of functional changes in tumor cells compared to other molecular levels, we envision that robust targets for patient stratification can be identified by analysis of changes in protein expression.

The novelty lies in the comprehensive characterization of the pancreatic cancer proteome and, consequently, the potential to identify novel molecular subtypes that allow better stratification of pancreatic cancer patients into subgroups with different prognosis and therapeutic needs.

We hypothesize that combining transcriptomics and proteomics analyses will unveil regulatory mechanisms of cellular functions and pathways that are important for disease development, that is, mechanisms that may not be apparent at a single molecular level.

We perform experimental methods and computational analyses of molecular data derived from tumor biopsies, patient-derived xenograft cell lines and liquid biopsies. The data will be used in drug screening to explore how treatment response is linked to subtypes.

Another aim is to uncover the link between biological pathways of clinical interest including the rewired metabolic program in the tumors and the circulating amino acid profile. We will explore the clinical relevance of plasma-circulating cell-free DNA in patients with primary resectable, locally advanced (i.e., NorPACT-2 clinical study) and metastatic pancreatic cancer.


  • Knut Jørgen Labori (work package «Surgery»), OUH/UiO
  • Caroline Verbeke (work package «Pathology»), UiO/OUH
  • Kjetil Tasken (arbeidspakke «Drug screening»), OUH/UiO
  • Stein Kaasa and Olav Dajani (work package «Oncology»), OUH/UiO
  • Oddmund Nordgård (work package «Circulating tumour DNA»), SUH
  • Janne Lethio (Proteomics), Karolinska Institutet
  • Tero Aittokallio (Computational medicine), OUH/UiO
  • Bjørn Skålhegg (Metabolism, amino acid profiles), UiO
  • Gry Aarum Geitvik (Liquid biopsies), OUH
  • Ole Christian Lingjærde (Statistics), UiO


Published Mar. 1, 2021 3:59 PM - Last modified Sep. 22, 2021 2:46 PM