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KNEP - The Norwegian Cancer Society´s National Group of Expertise on Pancreatic Cancer

The Norwegian Cancer Society´s National Group of Expertise on Pancreatic Cancer (KNEP) consists of nine research groups which focus on this disease and now can bundle their research activities in the context of this 5-years´project.

About the project

The research portfolio of KNEP comprises studies in the central clinical fields of surgery, oncology, and medical genetics, in addition to laboratory-based studies on:

  • multi-omics characterization of tumour tissue
  • high-throughput drug screening
  • histopathology
  • metabolomics
  • animal models for pancreatic cancer

The research groups are based in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger, and work with patients from all over Norway. UiO is the host institution for this 5-years project.

The aim of the project

The aim of this project is to foster collaboration across disciplines and institutions, and to join experts in the field of pancreatic cancer research in order to strengthen research on pancreatic cancer in Norway.

Exchange of data and biomaterials between the research groups joined in the consortium will enable expedite collection of multimodal information, such that complex associations between various aspects of the disease can be identified at the individual patient level.

Collaboration in this project will engender synergism at the national level, which will be conducive to efficient bench-to-bedside research with the aim to achieve much-needed, concrete progress in the management of pancreatic cancer patients.

Through its collaborative work, the consortium aims at establishing a competitive and sustainable research environment for pancreatic cancer.


The consortium comprises the following nine work packages:



Study period

  • May 2020 - April 2025
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