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Digital Equity in AMR policy and practice (EquityAMR)

This project takes a health (in)equity lens to analyze the interconnected challenges in understanding the AMR challenge and building approaches towards mitigating it in the context of India and Sri Lanka.

Full project title: EquityAMR – Digital Equity in AMR policy and practice - Building equity in digital global health: the case of antimicrobial resistance in LMICs

About the project

EquityAMR is an interdisciplinary project informed by systems thinking. The research of the project will analyze dynamics in the interconnected domains of surveillance, diagnosis and prescriptions and how they interrelate and influence each other. This analysis is situated within the context of social structures such as literacy, poverty and caste, the violence it creates and how these influence processes of AMR related health care access and utilization for people. 

The project will develop and implement various interventions related to digital surveillance and use this data for informing the development of antibiotics stewardship policy and clinical practice of empirical therapy. 

The project is based in 4 states in India (Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala) and 2 provinces in Sri Lanka. While empirical work is in full flow in India, the work in Sri Lanka has not commenced given the extremely troubled current political environment in the country.  

The project also involves policy analysis at SHE, building upon the Oslo Medical Corpus, and the empirical analysis of practices in the different sites will contribute to the identification of policy-practice gaps.


Funded by the Research Council of Norway under Global Health 

Project period



  • SHE Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education
  • Department of Informatics (IFI), UiO
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Manchester University, UK
  • Oxford University, UK
  • HISP India
  • Doctors for you, Bihar, India
  • Sri Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Kerala
  • RDGMC, Ujain, India
  • Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • The Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), India
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