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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of José Maria (Chema) Bassols Bassols, José Maria (Chema) Computer specialist +47-22781808
Picture of Gunnveig Toft Bjørndal Bjørndal, Gunnveig Toft Head Engineer +47-22851001
Picture of Ulrikke Dahl Brinch Brinch, Ulrikke Dahl Technician +47-22781908
Picture of Isabel Halnes Halnes, Isabel Technician +47-22781909
Picture of Preeti Jain Jain, Preeti Laboratory assistant +47 22781924
Picture of Linn F. Kymre Kymre, Linn F. Technician +47-22781908
Picture of Mona Mari Lindeberg Lindeberg, Mona Mari Engineer
Picture of Serhiy Pankiv Pankiv, Serhiy Head Engineer +47-22851001
Picture of Eva Rønning Rønning, Eva Head Engineer +47-22781928
Picture of Sebastian Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Senior Engineer
Picture of Marianne Smestad Smestad, Marianne Technician +47-22781910
Picture of Ling Wang Wang, Ling Head technician +47-22781913