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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Aruna  Abraham Abraham, Aruna Laboratory assistant
Picture of Alicia  Alfonso Gomez Alfonso Gomez, Alicia Laboratory assistant +47-22781921
Picture of  Rosa Linn Andersen Andersen, Rosa Linn Laboratory assistant +47-22781930
Picture of Nagham Theres Asp Asp, Nagham Theres Head Engineer +47 22851001
Picture of José Maria (Chema) Bassols Bassols, José Maria (Chema) Computer specialist +47-22781808 IT support
Picture of Tiril Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Tiril Technician +47-22781928
Picture of Ulrikke Dahl Brinch Brinch, Ulrikke Dahl Head technician +47-22781908
Picture of Anne Engen Engen, Anne Head engineer +47-22781830
Picture of Karen-Marie Heintz Heintz, Karen-Marie Senior Engineer +47 2278 1763
Picture of Preeti Jain Jain, Preeti Laboratory assistant +47-22781914
Picture of Niveditha Umesh Katyayini Katyayini, Niveditha Umesh Research assistant +47-22781961
Picture of Else Munthe Munthe, Else Senior technician
Picture of Serhiy Pankiv Pankiv, Serhiy Researcher
Picture of Sebastian Wolfgang Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Wolfgang Chief Engineer
Picture of Marianne Smestad Smestad, Marianne Technician +47-22781910
Picture of Ling Wang Wang, Ling Head technician +47-22781913
Picture of Catherine Sem Wegner Wegner, Catherine Sem Head engineer +47-22781910