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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Aruna  Abraham Abraham, Aruna Master student
Picture of Amani Al Outa Al Outa, Amani Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of  Rosa Linn Andersen Andersen, Rosa Linn Laboratory assistant +47-22781930
Picture of Aram Nikolai Andersen Andersen, Aram Nikolai
Picture of Liv Dammann  Anker Anker, Liv Dammann Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22781811
Picture of Jonathan Arias Arias, Jonathan Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22781969
Picture of Nagham Theres Asp Asp, Nagham Theres Head Engineer +47 22851001
Picture of Pilar Ayuda-Durán Ayuda-Durán, Pilar Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781970
Picture of Naima Azouzi Azouzi, Naima Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of José Maria (Chema) Bassols Bassols, José Maria (Chema) Computer specialist +47-22781808 IT support
Picture of Camilla Bergsmark Bergsmark, Camilla Medical Student
Picture of Kjetil Boye Boye, Kjetil Oncologist, MD, PhD
Picture of Andreas Brech Brech, Andreas Project leader +47-22781929
Picture of Ulrikke Dahl Brinch Brinch, Ulrikke Dahl Engineer +47-22781908
Picture of Andrea Moen Brodersen Brodersen, Andrea Moen
Picture of Benjamin Caulier Caulier, Benjamin Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22782316
Picture of Nathalia Chica-Balaguera Chica-Balaguera, Nathalia +47 22840529
Picture of Jeanne G.  Corrales Corrales , Jeanne G. Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Caroline Marie Claude Dillard-Eple Dillard-Eple, Caroline Marie Claude Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jorrit Enserink Enserink, Jorrit Adjunct Professor
Picture of Ragnhild Eskeland Eskeland, Ragnhild Associate Professor (+47) 22 85 14 57 Epigenetics, Chromatin, Nuclear organisation, Stem cells
Picture of Yngvar Fløisand Fløisand, Yngvar Head physician +47-23072462
Picture of Miriam Formica Formica, Miriam Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22781969
Picture of Øyvind Ødegård Fougner Fougner, Øyvind Ødegård Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781832
Picture of Nacho García García, Nacho Senior Scientist +47-22781968
Picture of Sania Gilani Gilani, Sania Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22781824
Picture of Mari Bergstøl Gornitzka Gornitzka, Mari Bergstøl Master Student
Picture of Kaisa Haglund Haglund, Kaisa Project leader +47-22781924
Picture of Ida Sundsøy Hallstensen Hallstensen, Ida Sundsøy
Picture of Robert Hanes Hanes, Robert Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781846
Picture of Ellen M. Haugsten Haugsten, Ellen M. Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781785
Picture of Karen-Marie Heintz Heintz, Karen-Marie Senior Engineer +47 2278 1763
Picture of Carmen Herrera Herrera, Carmen Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781975
Picture of Petter Holland Holland, Petter Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781937
Picture of Xian (Edna) Hu Hu, Xian (Edna) Researcher +47-22781932
Picture of Kristina Ivanauskiene Ivanauskiene, Kristina Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781939
Picture of Ashish Jain Jain, Ashish Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781915
Picture of Preeti Jain Jain, Preeti Laboratory assistant +47-22781924
Picture of Julie Aarmo  Johannessen Johannessen , Julie Aarmo Research assistant +47-22781965
Picture of Feyza Kasikci Kasikci, Feyza Medical research student +47-22781973
Picture of Rojyar Khezri Khezri, Rojyar Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Ingrid  Kjos Kjos, Ingrid Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781908
Picture of Helene Knævelsrud Knævelsrud, Helene Project leader +47-22781976
Picture of Michal Janusz Kostas Kostas, Michal Janusz Researcher
Ledsaak, Marit Head Engineer
Picture of Susanne Lorenz Lorenz, Susanne Core facility leader
Picture of Alf Håkon Lystad Lystad, Alf Håkon Researcher +47 22840260
Picture of Waleed Mohammed Majeed Majeed Majeed, Waleed Mohammed Majeed Internship +47-22781970
Picture of Lene Malerød Malerød, Lene Senior engineer, lab manager +47-22781827
Picture of Felix Margadant Margadant, Felix Scientist +47-22781932
Picture of Alberto Marquez Morales Marquez Morales, Alberto Master student +47-22781966
Picture of Emily Louise Beecher Martinsen Martinsen, Emily Louise Beecher
Picture of Duarte Mateus Mateus, Duarte Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781939
Picture of Thea Melcher Melcher, Thea Master student +47-22781803
Picture of Leonardo Meza-Zepeda Meza-Zepeda, Leonardo Group leader
Picture of Simona Migliano Migliano, Simona Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781808
Picture of Sara Muñoz Muñoz, Sara Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781067
Picture of Else Munthe Munthe, Else Senior technician
Picture of Ola Myklebost Myklebost, Ola Project leader
Picture of Sissel Mørk Mørk, Sissel
Nadratowska-Wesolowska, Beata Researcher
Picture of Heidi Maria Namløs Namløs, Heidi Maria Postdoctoral fellow
Picture of Viola Nähse Nähse, Viola Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781914
Picture of Swarupa  Panda Panda, Swarupa Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781914
Picture of Serhiy Pankiv Pankiv, Serhiy Head Engineer +47 22851001
Picture of Nina Marie Pedersen Pedersen, Nina Marie Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781823
Picture of Sascha Pust Pust, Sascha Scientist +47-22781804
Picture of Maja Radulovic Radulovic, Maja Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781822
Picture of Camilla Raiborg Raiborg, Camilla Ass. Group leader +47-22781820
Picture of José Gerardo Teles Reis Reis, José Gerardo Teles Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Laura Rodriguez de la Ballina Rodriguez de la Ballina, Laura Researcher Autophagy, Cell biology, Mechanotransduction, Membrane trafficking, Myopathies, Neurodegenerative disease, Proteostasis
Rogne, Marie Researcher +47 22840532
Picture of Tor Erik Rusten Rusten, Tor Erik Associate Professor
Picture of Kristian Olafsen Sande Sande, Kristian Olafsen Master student +47-22781802
Sarkar, Arnab Master Student
Picture of Riccarda Schimanski Schimanski, Riccarda Master Student
Picture of Kay Oliver Schink Schink, Kay Oliver Project leader +47-22781821
Picture of Sebastian Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Senior Engineer
Picture of Kulbhushan Sharma Sharma, Kulbhushan Researcher
Picture of Anne Simonsen Simonsen, Anne Professor +47 22851110 +4799350960 +47-99350960 Cancer, Cell biology, Membrane trafficking, Autophagy, Neurodegenerative disease, Life science
Picture of Eva Sjøttem Sjøttem, Eva Visiting scientist from the University of Tromsø +47-22781833
Picture of Ellen Skarpen Skarpen, Ellen Scientist, core facility manager +47-22781905
Picture of Marianne Smestad Smestad, Marianne Engineer +47-22781910
Picture of Hélène Spangenberg Spangenberg, Hélène Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22781811
Picture of Harald Alfred Stenmark Stenmark, Harald Alfred Professor +47 22781818 +4790608240 Life sciences
Picture of Patrycja Szybowska Szybowska, Patrycja Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781912
Picture of Linda Håkensbakken Sønsterud Sønsterud, Linda Håkensbakken Research assistant +47-22781968
Picture of Tonje Sønstevold Sønstevold, Tonje Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22781805
Picture of Vigdis Sørensen Sørensen, Vigdis Core facility manager +47-22781906
Picture of Szabolcs Takáts Takáts, Szabolcs Postdoctoral fellow +47-22781935
Picture of Kia Wee Tan Tan, Kia Wee
Picture of Maria Lyngaas Torgersen Torgersen, Maria Lyngaas Project leader +47-22781826
Picture of Halvor Ullern Ullern, Halvor Medical research student +47-22781969
Picture of Eirik-Andreas Vestersjø Vestersjø, Eirik-Andreas Master student +47-22781966
Picture of Marina Vietri Vietri, Marina Senior Scientist +47-22781919
Picture of Ling Wang Wang, Ling Head technician +47-22781913
Picture of Catherine Sem Wegner Wegner, Catherine Sem Head Technician +47-22781910
Picture of Eva Wenzel Wenzel, Eva Scientist +47-22781819
Picture of Jørgen Wesche Wesche, Jørgen Principal Investigator
Picture of Antoni Wiedlocha Wiedlocha, Antoni Project leader +47-22781930