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Staff - Regional Comittees for Medical Research Ethics South East Norway

The list contains 30 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aukrust, Pål
Bjercke, Anne Cathrine Higher Executive Officer
Bjørnerem, Marianne Adviser +47 22845531
Carson, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 22845521
Emblem, Ragnhild
Evensen, Katrine Bull Adviser
Fjordholm, Finn Skre Adviser +47 22845821
Fosse, Erik Torgeir +4797071849
Harstad, Kristine Gjul Senior Adviser +47 22845583
Holmen, Johanne Senior Adviser +47 22855260
Hølen, Jacob Christian Section Manager +47 22845518
Kavli, Anne Schiøtz Senior Executive Officer +47 22845512
Klokk, Tove Irene Senior Adviser +47 22845522
Lauvrak, Silje Anett Ugland Senior Adviser +47 22845520
Mosling, Tone Transeth Higher Executive Officer +47 22845598
Myrvold, Silje Senior Executive Officer +47 22845514
Olsen, Øyvind Grønlie Senior Adviser +47 22857547
Oppegård, Camilla Senior Adviser
Pekovic, Hanne Johansen Senior Adviser +47 22845501
Rajalingam, Dhaksshaginy Adviser
Rindal, Sofie Adviser
Sagbakken, Elin Evju Senior Adviser +47 22845502
Strand, Anders Associate Professor II, Philosophy of Science
Tallaksen, Chantal Marie Elisabeth
Thorsen, Claus Henning Senior Adviser +47 22845515