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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Niclas Johan Marius Berger Berger, Niclas Johan Marius Senior Adviser +47 22851437 +47 41378717 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Nele De Vos De Vos, Nele Adviser +47 22851104 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Sverre Daniel Gaupås Gaupås, Sverre Daniel Adviser +47 22851126
Picture of Tiril Grimeland Grimeland, Tiril Adviser +47 22845846 +47 45845188 Examination, Student administration, Practice
Picture of Trude Irene Hamnes Hamnes, Trude Irene Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Kristine Berg Heggelund Heggelund, Kristine Berg Adviser +47 22845811
Picture of Martine Sæterli Jensen Jensen, Martine Sæterli Adviser +47 22851530 Student and Academic Administration, Examination
Karjalainen, Veronica Hannele Adviser +47 41287871
Picture of Trine Kleven Kleven, Trine Administrative Manager +47 95940114 Administration, Management, Project management, Coordinating, Recruitment, Communication, Web editor, SHE
Picture of Cecilie Poulsson Krogh Krogh, Cecilie Poulsson Senior Adviser +47 22845331
Picture of Mette Groseth Langballe Langballe, Mette Groseth Senior Adviser +47 22845326 +47 41409069 Corporate governance, Financial management, Budget
Picture of Nina Lind Lind, Nina Adviser +47 22851116
Picture of Amund Smidt Lysaker Lysaker, Amund Smidt Adviser +47 22845808
Picture of Hanne Moen Moen, Hanne Adviser Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Rita Iren Olsen Olsen, Rita Iren Senior Adviser +47 22851419 Student and Academic Administration, Examination
Picture of Elisabeth Authen Sethre Sethre, Elisabeth Authen Section Manager +47 22845325
Shaybekova, Aliya Adviser +47 22845846 +47 45845188
Skaar, Åsmund Adviser +47 22844614
Thomte, Merete Adviser Student administration, Exam
Picture of Mette Diana Vidnes Vidnes, Mette Diana Adviser +47 22845813 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Anne Westheim Westheim, Anne Senior Adviser +47 22845819 +47 41270638 International Cooperation, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Admissions
Picture of Kristin Wium Wium, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22851572 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education
Picture of Hanne-Guro Winfeldt Aabelvik Aabelvik, Hanne-Guro Winfeldt Senior Adviser +47 22845829 Felles studentsystem FS, Studieadministrasjon, Eksamen