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Administrative Services

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Riaz Ahmed Ahmed, Riaz Executive Officer +47 22845338 Mail room, Service functions
Berg, Øyvind A. Senior Executive Officer +47 22845314 Mail room, User support, Public registry, ePhorte
Picture of Hanne Bjerknes Bjerknes, Hanne Senior Adviser
Picture of Ingun Marie Bjørkelund Bjørkelund, Ingun Marie Senior Executive Officer +47 22845324
Picture of Kaja Haldorsen Haldorsen, Kaja Administrative Manager
Picture of Wiggo Bjørn Hansen Hansen, Wiggo Bjørn Senior Adviser +47 22845317 Archive plan, Archives
Picture of Christina Heesch Heesch, Christina Senior Adviser +47 22851140 +4792456870
Picture of Bente Johansen Johansen, Bente Senior Adviser +47 22844074 +47 46696176 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Regulations, HR system
Picture of Elin Lunde Lunde, Elin Senior Adviser +47 22845070 Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Kristine Mangerud Mangerud, Kristine Senior Adviser 94 80 20 25 Web editor, Web publishing, Web statistics, SEO
Picture of Thomas Olafsen Olafsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47 22850132 Communication, Events, Internal communication, Research communication, Web publishing
Picture of Elisabeth Olsen Olsen, Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22845805 Appointments, Controlling, HR system, Human resources administration, Civil service law, Equal opportunity, Competence development
Picture of Liv Prestgard Prestgard, Liv Senior Executive Officer +47 22845316 Registry, Mail room, User support
Picture of Sindre Kristoffer Rian Rian, Sindre Kristoffer Senior Engineer +47 22845822 Local IT support, mobile, User administration, Applications, computer
Picture of Anita Robøle Robøle, Anita Section Manager +47 22845849 +4799011171 Management, Administration
Picture of Silje Marie Kile Rosseland Rosseland, Silje Marie Kile Senior Adviser +47 22845302 +4745450053 Internal communication, Press contact, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication
Picture of Ingeborg Vibe Vibe, Ingeborg Adviser +47 22845312 Public registry, User administration, User support, ePhorte, Courses, Training
Picture of Kyrre Vigestad Vigestad, Kyrre Communications adviser +47-22855279 +47-92862492 Communication, Press contact, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Content management, Web statistics, Internal communication