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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Skoglund, Morten Senior Engineer morten.skoglund@medisin.uio.no E-learning, Digital learning resources, ICT and learning
Skaar, Åsmund Adviser +47 22844614 asmund.skaar@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Mattias Solbakken Solbakken, Mattias Senior Adviser +47 22858168 mattias.solbakken@medisin.uio.no
Stensvik, Karoline Adviser +47 22856222 +47 40238846 karoline.stensvik@medisin.uio.no Eksamen, Studieadministrasjon
Taxt, Randi Elisabeth Senior Adviser r.e.taxt@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Mette Diana Vidnes Vidnes, Mette Diana Adviser +47 22845813 m.d.vidnes@medisin.uio.no Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Kyrre Vigestad Vigestad, Kyrre Communications adviser +47-22855279 +47-92862492 kyrre.vigestad@medisin.uio.no Communication, Press contact, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Content management, Web statistics, Internal communication
Picture of Anne Westheim Westheim, Anne Senior Adviser +47 22845819 anne.westheim@medisin.uio.no International Cooperation, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Admissions
Picture of Kristin Wium Wium, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22851572 kristin.wium@medisin.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education
Picture of Synneve Anita Øvsthus Øvsthus, Synneve Anita Senior Adviser +47 22845304 s.a.ovsthus@medisin.uio.no Courses, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Research support
Picture of Hanne-Guro Winfeldt Aabelvik Aabelvik, Hanne-Guro Winfeldt Senior Adviser +47 22845829 h.g.w.aabelvik@medisin.uio.no Felles studentsystem FS, Studieadministrasjon, Eksamen
Picture of Anne Åbyholm-Brodal Åbyholm-Brodal, Anne Higher Executive Officer +47 22845572 +47 92027661 +47-23066822/+47-92027661 anne.abyholm-brodal@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Louise Kristine Aarnes Aarnes, Louise Kristine Adviser +47 22845303 l.k.aarnes@medisin.uio.no Research support, Web publishing, Courses