Funding opportunities

We will here publish relevant funding opportunities and sources for medical and health research.

The European Research Council has just published the ERC - Advanced Grant for 2019.  Deadline: August 30, 2018.

The Norwegian Health Association has funds available for doctoral and postdoctoral positions or running costs for projects within cardiovascular diseases. Deadline: September 1, 2018.

The Norwegian Health Association has an open call for a postdoctoral scholarship within dementia research. Deadline: September 3, 2018.

Nordforsk have now officially published their call on Nordic projects implementing personalised medicine in health care. Deadline: September 4, 2018.

The Norwegian Cancer Society has launched a call on late effects of cancer treatment. Deadline: September 5, 2018.

Several organisations targeting Parkinson's, Alzheimer's diseases and research on the brain have recently published a call on biomarkers across neurodegenerative diseases. First deadline: September 10th, 2018.

BIOTEK2021 has announced a call seeking research projects relevant for Center for Digital Life Norway. Deadline: September 12th, 2018.

The 2018 Marie S. Curie call for Individual Fellowships has now been published. Deadline: September 12, 2018.

UiO:Nordic - Research funds for two interdisciplinary research groups is announced. Deadline: September 15, 2018.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has published a call seeking research using epidemiological datasets to identify risk and protective factors for Parkinson's disease. First deadline: September 26th, 2018.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation have preannounced several grants available targeting Parkinson's disease. Preproposal deadline: September 26th, 2018.

Here is a list of the calls from EU's health programme where the deadline is in the fall of 2018. Deadline: 2 October 2018.

Nordforsk and the Norwegian Cancer Society have collaboratively published a call on personalised paediatric cancer. Deadline: October 3, 2018.

BEDREHELSE and BEHANDLING have published funding for collaboration projects with National Institutes of Health (in USA). Deadline: October 10th, 2018.

BEHANDLING has launched a call for Pre-projects within project security, multimorbidity and/or oral health. Deadline: 10 October 2018.