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Guidelines for cooperation agreements concerning Industrial PhD and Public Sector PhD

Admission to the PhD programme for Industrial PhD/Public Sector PhD candidates require a cooperation agreement and funding from the Research Council of Norway. Application for admission and preparation of cooperation agreement should be organised at more or less the same time.

Please note that this is an English translation of the Norwegian guidelines. For all legal purposes, see the original guidelines in Norwegian.

Entering into a cooperation agreement

It is recommended that the preparation of the cooperation agreement is done as early as possible, based on the relevant agreement template. Using the agreement template as a base, the legal formalities should work out well. There may, however, be discussions on coverage of costs and supervision.

The cooperation agreement should normally be drawn up and signed by all parties before applying for admission to the PhD programme. The cooperation agreement does not take effect before the candidate’s application has been approved.

See UiOs information (in Norwegian).

Coverage of costs

Based on recommendations given in a note from the national working group appointed by Universities Norway (UHR) (The Industrial PhD scheme: Cost estimates and funding of supervision and admission at degree awarding higher education institutions, Oslo 2015), the following is recommended as guidelines:

  1. The candidate’s salary and social benefits are covered by the company, throughout the entire period, partly funded by The Research Council of Norway.
  2. Other direct costs (e.g. mobile phone, home internet, travel, conferences) are covered by the company, throughout the entire period.
  3. Use of laboratories and research infrastructure are covered by the company (space rental costs).
  4. The University of Oslo (UiO) covers supervision costs as part of UiO's employees’ teaching time/research time. UiO does not cover the costs of external supervisors. Supervisor costs are incurred throughout the admission period. (The norm at the Faculty of Medicine for a principal supervisor is 80 hours maximum per annum for 3 years (totalling 240 hours), calculated to NOK 52 000 per annum for 2018 with 3% index regulation per annum. 
  5. Direct and indirect costs (overhead costs) are covered by the company. The company may apply to have this wholly or partially funded by The Research Council of Norway.

The current annual rates for UiO's costs can be found in this document (pdf) .

The rates will vary somewhat depending on where the candidate resides (requirement of at least one year with the company and UiO respectively). With the exception of office space costs, opponents and printing, costs run throughout the entire admission period. Costs related to office space should be viewed in conjunction with any office space at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) so that this is not double billed.

The parties themselves fill in their costs in the budget set up in the cooperation agreement.

If the project extends beyond the contract period, the coverage of indirect and direct costs during the extension period must be agreed upon separately.

Questions related to UiO's costs can be directed to Reidar Rognlien.


The principal supervisor should, as a rule, be employed at UiO, either in a full time academic position or in a part time position (normally as associate professor). Exception to the rule of employment can be made and the principal supervisor can be employed at another institution or company. All supervisors must have a doctoral degree as well as a high degree of competence. Normally it is required that an appointed principal supervisor should have been a co-supervisor to at least one candidate previously. Those who do not meet the necessary requirements to be a supervisor can be given a role as mentor. Only one principal supervisor can be appointed –the other supervisors are co-supervisors.

When selecting a principal supervisor, the following must be taken into account

  1. Necessary academic ties to UiO’s academic environment
  2. Necessary supervisory competence in the various phases of the project/PhD education
  3. Supervisor’s availability in light of where the candidate spends his/her time during the various project phases

It is recommended that the process of finding supervisors and necessary agreements concerning supervision is initiated as early as possible. The supervisory roles must be clarified before application for admission is sought.

It is also recommended that the supervisory plan for the project is included in the project description.

The Research Council of Norway

How to submit an application

Application for admission to the PhD programme at the Faulty of Medicine is made via Søknadsweb.

More information about application for admission.


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