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Diploma and ceremonial diploma

When the doctoral examination has been approved you will receive two documents as documentary proof of the degree:

1. A diploma with a diploma supplement

2. A ceremonial diploma in Latin

Distribution of the Diplomas

When the diploma has been produced you will receive an e-mail from the faculty administration telling you that the diploma is ready to be sent.

We will send the diploma to the address registered in the National Population Register.

When will the Diploma be ready

Diplomas are produced approximately once a month.

When your diploma is ready depends on the date of your public defence. Below is an overview of the approximate dates for 2021:

  • Date of defence between 16 October 2020 and 10 January: 28 February
  • Date of defence between 11 January and 10 February: 12 March
  • Date of defence between 11 February and 10 March: 12 April
  • Date of defence between 11 March and 10 April: 12 May
  • Date of defence between 11 April and 10 May: 12 June
  • Date of defence between 11 May and 10 June: 30 August
  • Date of defence between 11 June and 10 August: 12 September
  • Date of defence between 11 August and 10 September: 12 October
  • Date of defence between 11 September and 10 October: 12 November
  • Date of defence between 11 October and 11 November: 12 December

Returned Diplomas

We will contact you if the diploma is returned to us by the postal services.

Conferral ceremony and ceremonial diploma

Previously, the diplomas were awarded at the conferral ceremonies, together with the ceremonial diploma in Latin. As of 2020, it is only the ceremonial diploma that will be awarded at the conferral ceremony.

The conferral ceremony takes place four times a year, and it is not mandatory to participate. Doctoral candidates are invited to the ceremony by e-mail approximately five weeks prior to the conferral. If you do not attend the ceremony, the ceremonial diploma will be sent to you by post.

More information about the conferral ceremony and the dates for 2021

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