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Implementation of public defence at the Institute of Health and Society

The institute would like to help facilitate to make the public defence a positive experience for both candidate and evaluation committee.

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Information about public defence relevant for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine can be found under trial lecture and public defence.

Below you will find information that only applies to public defence held at Helsam.

The candidate’s tasks


The candidate books a venue for the trial lecture and public defence. He/she must make sure that technical support is at hand.

Refreshments during public thesis defense/trial lecture

  • The institute covers coffee and biscuits for up to 30 people, either in connection with the trial lecture or after completion of the public thesis defense. If this is desired, contact the purchasers at Lille Ullevål or Forskningsveien for ordering coffee. The biscuit box must be collected from Gry Stubberud at lille Ullevål, or Christian Englien in Forskningsveien. Any other type of snacks or refreshments will need to be ordered and paid for privately.

The committee’s tasks

Travel and hotel

  • The members of an evaluation committee must book their own travel and hotel, fill out forms and get their expenses reimbursed.
  • The expenses are charged to the institute.


  • Group for research training sends the members of the committee the necessary forms and signs a contract with the members.
  • The committee members are responsible for sending in the forms. The fee is determined by the Faculty.

The chair of the defence’s tasks


  • The chair of the defence invites the committee to lunch or dinner depending on whether the trial lecture and public defence are held on the same day. Maximum expenses must not exceed NOK 5500 for 4 people (this is according to the national rates).

The institute’s tasks


  • Gry Stubberud can assist when booking an auditorium in Fredrik Holsts hus.


  • Flowers to the candidate are covered by the institute. Purchaser Gry Stubberud (Lille Ullevål) or Christian Englien (Forskningsveien) orders flowers.

General information


  • Supervisors and candidates must cover their own travel expenses in connection with a public defence
  • Travel expenses may circumstantially be covered by the institute when supervisor and/or candidates lack the means to pay for their own travels
  • You apply for travel support by sending an e-mail to the head of office.

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