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Implementation of public defence at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences

The institute would like to help facilitate to make the public defence a positive experience for both candidate and evaluation committee.


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Information about public defence relevant for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine can be found under trial lecture and public defence.

Below you will find information that only applies to public defence held at IMB.

The candidate’s tasks


The candidate must book a venue for the trial lecture and public defence. He/she must make sure that technical support is at hand.

  • Evelyn Voss Rygnestad is the contact person when booking an auditorium for a public defence and a room for the committee at Domus Medica. Only Runde auditorium R-105 (GA21R-105) and Auditorium 13 (GA012015) at Domus Medica are suitable for defences.
  • Trond Farestveit Erstad is responsible for technical equipment in the auditoriums and is the contact person for instructions on how to use the IT/AV equipment and for booking of an appointment to test the equipment before the defence. 
  • Booking at Gamle Festsal? Contact information:
  • Oxana Rødnes is the contact person for booking venues at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet.
  • The candidate must inform the Group for research training about the booked venues.

The committee’s tasks

Travel and hotel

The committee members must book their own travel and hotel. Expenses will be reimbursed after the public defence.

  • Evelyn Voss Rygnestad receives and processes claims for reimbursement of expenses associated with travel and fees from opponents. She can be contacted for questions regarding completion of fee- and reimbursement forms.
  • Travel and subsistence claim form, including original receipts for travel and subsistence, must be submitted to the institute to Evelyn Voss Rygnestad.
  • Travel and hotel expenses are charged to the institute. IMB generally covers 2 Nights.

Committee dinner

  • Committee dinner in connection with public defence is considered a representation and requires preliminary written approval. 
  •  Form for peliminary approval

Evaluation and fees

  • Group for research training sends the members of the committee the necessary forms and signs a contract with the members. The committee members are themselves responsible for sending in the fee form. The fee is determined by the Faculty.
  • The forms must be submitted to Evelyn Voss Rygnestad.

The supervisor’s tasks


  • Light refreshments in connection with the trial lecture or after the public defence can be arranged at research group level. The supervisor must contact the research group's contact person for orders if refreshments are required. The expenses should be covered by the supervisor/research group. Please note that all food and drinks orders must follow the guidelines for hosting at UiO.

The institute’s tasks


  • The institute assists in booking venues for trial lecture and public defence. The candidate must contact the person in charge of room booking.
  • The institute assists with practical tasks related to trial lecture and public defence: makes sure the auditorium looks presentable, brings the Dean’s robe to the venue and puts a tablecloth on the chair of the defence’ table, makes sure there is a jug of water and glasses at the venue, places copies of the theses at the venue.

Flowers and gifts

  • Prior to the public defence Evelyn Voss Rygnestad orders flowers and makes sure the chair of the defence receives the book gift, which is given to the candidate at the doctoral dinner.
  • The candidate receives flowers and a book from the Faculty. 

Dean’s robe

  • The institute has a Dean’s robe at Domus Medica. The robe must be left in the Auditorium after the defence is over. 
  • There are also robes available for the Faculty of Medicine at Rikshospitalet and Gamle Festsal.
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