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Trial lecture and public defence

The doctoral examination for the PhD degree consists of a trial lecture on an assigned topic and a public defence of the thesis, also known as disputation.

The trial lecture is normally held on the same day as the public defence. There are deadlines for trial lecture and public defence in connection with holidays.

Scene from the examination, dialog between candidate and opponent

Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

When the dean has approved a positive recommendation from the evaluation committee, you will formally be ready for the public defence. Before the public defence you must deliver a trial lecture on a given topic.

Guidelines for Public Defence

About the PhD examination

The trial lecture is held prior to the public defence and can take place at the earliest six weeks after the Faculty has found the thesis worthy of defence. The disputation is the public defence of the thesis.

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Dates for trial lecture and public defence

Dates for the PhD examination should be made after the thesis has been found worthy of defence. There are deadlines for trial lecture and public defence in connection with holidays.

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Preparations for trial lecture and public defence

Prior to the public defence you must hand in a completed personal data form and summaries, as well as book a venue and get your thesis printed.

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Routines for public defence at the institutes

The institutes at the Faculty have some additional routines for implementing a public defence. Please see your institute for a more detailed overview of your tasks as candidate, committee member or institute.

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