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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Møkleby, Vegard Frøystadvåg Senior Executive Officer +47 22856335 +47 93031648
Picture of Anne Britt Mølsæter Mølsæter, Anne Britt Adviser 99460634
Picture of Per Nafstad Nafstad, Per +47 22850621 Global South
Picture of Bård Natvig Natvig, Bård Professor +47 22850608 Social security medicine, Health education, Musculo-skeletal system, Epidemiology
Picture of Marianne Natvik Natvik, Marianne Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Caroline Marianne Nielsen Nes Nes, Caroline Marianne Nielsen Adviser
Picture of Birthe Neset Neset, Birthe Adviser +47 22850563 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Anne-Gunn Thyrum Nilsen Nilsen, Anne-Gunn Thyrum Section Manager +47 22845044 Management, Administrative management, Education
Picture of Halvor Nordby Nordby, Halvor Associate Professor
Picture of Irene Norheim Norheim, Irene
Normann, Cathrine Olaussen Doctoral Research Fellow
Nortvedt, Helene Alice Vestad Higher Executive Officer Facilitation, Research support, Events, Administration
Picture of Per Nortvedt Nortvedt, Per Professor +47 22844646 Selected publications
Picture of Magne Nylenna Nylenna, Magne
Nytrøen, Gunhild Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gro Næss Næss, Gro
Picture of Øyvind Erik Næss Næss, Øyvind Erik Professor +47 22850663
Picture of Marthe-Lise Næss-Andresen Næss-Andresen, Marthe-Lise Doctoral Research Fellow
Nøkleby, Kjersti Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne Olaug Olsen Olsen, Anne Olaug Associate Professor +47 22850641
Picture of Tone Kristin Omsland Omsland, Tone Kristin Professor +47 22850606
Picture of Randi Opheim Opheim, Randi Associate Professor +47 22850677
Picture of Trygve Ottersen Ottersen, Trygve Associate Professor +47 22850537 global health, global health policy, Global South
Picture of Davina Kaur Patel Patel, Davina Kaur Lecturer
Picture of Kine Pedersen Pedersen, Kine Researcher +47 22845277