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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kristin Margrete Heggen Heggen, Kristin Margrete Professor +47 22845376 Management
Picture of Anne Kari Tolo Heggestad Heggestad, Anne Kari Tolo Researcher +47 22850674
Heiervang, Kristin Sverdvik Forsker
Picture of Ragnhild Hellesø Hellesø, Ragnhild Professor +47 22850566
Picture of Lise Mørkved Helsingen Helsingen, Lise Mørkved Lecturer
Heltveit-Olsen, Silje Rebekka Forsker
Picture of Silje Havrevold Henni Henni, Silje Havrevold Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844619
Picture of Cecilie Knagenhjelm Hertzberg Hertzberg, Cecilie Knagenhjelm Doctoral Research Fellow
Hestmark, Lars Stipendiat
Picture of Ellen Gabrielsen Hjelle Hjelle, Ellen Gabrielsen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Per Olav Hjortdahl Hjortdahl, Per Olav +47 22850659 +47 91676803 Global South
Picture of Bjørn Morten Hofmann Hofmann, Bjørn Morten Adjunct Professor +47 22844645
Picture of Tore Hofstad Hofstad, Tore Doctoral Research Fellow +47 466 64 946
Picture of Inger Holm Holm, Inger Adjunct Professor +47 22845383 +47 48234373
Picture of Søren Holm Holm, Søren Adjunct Professor +47 22844642 Forskningsetikk, bioetikk, Medisinsk etikk
Picture of Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd Professor Emeritus +47 22850626 Global South
Picture of Øyvind Holme Holme, Øyvind Associate Professor Nordic
Picture of Christine Holst Holst, Christine Stipendiat Global South, Global health, Global helse, Digital health, eHealth, health literacy, ehealth literacy, Tanzania, mHealth
Picture of Anette Bringedal Houge Houge, Anette Bringedal Postdoctoral Fellow 99224698 Sociology of Law, International Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminology, War and conflict, Criminalization, Gender, Conflict-related sexual violence, Sexual violence, Torture, Institutional responses, Institutional knowledge and knowledge transfer
Picture of Tonje Lossius Husum Husum, Tonje Lossius Researcher +47 41280305
Picture of Sigurd Høye Høye, Sigurd Associate Professor +47 22844603
Picture of Inga Haaland Haaland, Inga Doctoral Research Fellow 95063685
Picture of Ingeborg Kathrina Haavardsson Haavardsson, Ingeborg Kathrina Senior Adviser +47 22850691 +47-91637724 Global South, Global health, Global helse, Global Mental Health, Women in Global Health, Women in Global Health Norway, FANE-HELSAM
Picture of Per Haave Haave, Per Researcher +47 22850605 +47 99465179
Picture of Ole Rikard Haavet Haavet , Ole Rikard Professor Emeritus + 47-22850656/ +47-64846969